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SubliJet-E Professional – New Sublimation Ink for
Epson's Latest TFP Print Head Technology

Charleston, SC – April 02, 2012 – Sawgrass Technologies Consumer Division is excited to introduce SubliJet-E Professional sublimation ink for Epson Stylus PRO 7700/9700 and 7890/9890 Series Inkjet Printers to the US and Canadian markets. Specially formulated for the latest Epson TFP print head technology, SubliJet-E Professional offers amazing color and print performance on Epson Stylus PRO 7700, 9700, 7890 and 9890 models. The new ink set is conveniently packaged in High Capacity Pressurized Sealed Cartridges offering extended uninterrupted printing for Improved Uptime, Reduced Maintenance Costs, Rapid Changeover and Low Image Costs.

Available in 24" or 44" widths, 4 or 8-color configurations, and touting print speeds up to 109 Images/Hr (196 Sq Ft / Hr); 2.5 times faster than the Epson 4880 Stylus Pro. SubliJet-E Professional is an ideal choice for customers requiring High Volume Production, Large Format Images or High-End Pro-Photo Output.

SubliJet-E Professional is part of Sawgrass' turnkey sublimation printing solution which includes PowerDriver, a powerful and easy to use color management software application and PartnerPlus, a comprehensive support program.

About Sawgrass Technologies, Inc. - Sawgrass Technologies is the industry leader in the development of breakthrough digital printing technologies. The company's globally recognized technologies allow for the mass customization of platform-proven digital products for printing onto surfaces such as plastic, metal, films, ceramics, and textiles. The Sawgrass family of brands includes ChromaBlast™ NaturaLink™, SubliJet®, Rotech™ ArTainium™, M™ ink, and SubliM™ inks and ink delivery systems. Sawgrass Technologies is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, USA with additional offices in Basel, Switzerland and Sheffield, England. For more information, visit

Sawgrass Technologies Consumer Division

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